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Chrysler warns on 'Death Wobble'

2012-08-13 13:37

Chrysler has reportedly issued a technical bulletin regarding a front suspension vibration that has been dubbed 'The Jeep Death Wobble'.

The bulletin, the Detroit News reported, has been issued to Jeep dealers and shared with the US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. A summary has also been posted on a number of Jeep blogs.


According to the DetNews, the bulletin reminds Jeep owners to inspect their vehicle's steering systems regularly and noted that vehicles equipped with a solid front axle may suffer steering vibration if the system is damaged or not properly maintained.

It also states that aftermarket steering and suspension components, or wheel and tyre assemblies incompatible with Jeeps, were the most common cause of the steering vibration.

The NHTSA reportedly said drivers of Jeep Wranglers (model years 2005-10) typically reported the wobble as “shimmy symptoms at speeds above 72km/h, frequently after travelling over a bump”.

Despite the shudder’s nickname, no deaths have been reported.


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