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Blanket to aid 4x4 recovery

2011-08-11 08:39

RECOVERY: When recovering a vehicle, a recovery blanket could negate the harmful effects of a snapped kinetic strap’s "lash-out" effect.

Here's a handy piece of kit to improve safety while recovering a vehicle - SecureTech is marketing a purpose-made recovery blanket.

Experts reckon weighing down the recovery cable, rope or strap wll reduce its whiplash danger so recommend a bright rope wrapped around the recovery or, at a pinch, using your vehicle's cabin mats or even a jacket.

Trouble is such make-do items usually fall off during the recovery and could result in the towing cable flying back as a hazard to either vehicle or the humans around them.

SecureTech, in conjunction with its recovery safety lanyard, now also offers the recover blanket.


Generally two blankets should be used during a "haul it out" operation, each placed close to a vehicle or to the cable anchor point in the case of a self-recovery.

The blanket is made of eye-catching orange PVC and emblazoned with safety warnings. In the case of a winch recovery, it also makes the cable distinguishable, which helps to keep bystanders clear.

After filling the blanket's pocket with sand the cable, strap or rope can be fed through it. Should the cable fail, the weighted blanket will  In the event of a cable failure reduce the whiplash effect.

Apart from vehicle recovery, in an emergency the blanket can be filled with sand and rolled under the tyres to be used as a traction aid.


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