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WATCH: Tarmac vs Ice - What it's like to drive a 176kW SUV on a frigid Silverstone circuit

2019-01-25 08:54

Robin Classen

Silverstone circuit aerial view

Image: Press Association

The Silverstone circuit plays host to some of the most exhilarating motorsport events but an almost identical version in Sweden proves tougher than the original.

Known as Lake Uddjaur, it is situated in the small town of Arjeplog and serves as a stern test for drivers in snowy and beyond freezing conditions.

Same track, different skills

In a bid to try and accurately compare the different driving surfaces, a 176kW Skoda vRS SUV was used as the test subject.

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On paper, the tarmac has most of the advantages stacked in its favour as driver assists like chassis and launch control all aide in faster lap times while on snow the SUV's 4WD system is essential to effective traction control.

In the end though and not surprising, the tarmac lap time is faster as opposed to its frozen counterpart with a different of just under 2 minutes.


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