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WATCH: Bakkie dragged into the ocean by waves in Ballito

2018-01-22 13:36

Pam Magwaza

Image: Facebook / Brett Darren Retief

Durban - This is what horrible Mondays are made of!

In what appears to be a case of really bad luck a driver and his Toyota Hilux bakkie are dragged into the sea and crushed by waves after he attempted to roll his boat out of the waters this morning at Salmon Bay beach in Ballito, KwaZulu-Natal.

In a Facebook video by Radio Life & Style, the bakkie is seen tied to the small boat by a cable and is reversing to get the boat safely out of the waters.

Just then the tide pulls the boat right back in and it soon overpowers the car which is then dragged into the crashing waves with the boat.

According to pictures posted on Storm Report Live the driver of the bakkie made it out safely, however his vehicle was badly damaged by the ordeal.

Marine Safety manager at Salmon beach, Steve Honneysett spoke to DRUM about the incident: "The driver, Herman Labuschagne was in the process of launching a ski boat into the water – which involves him driving the boat into the water as is usually done.

"The problem we had today is that tide was extremely high and the sand was steep so when the vehicle tried to push the boat in, it got stuck and the waves ended up pulling the van into the water."

Watch and check out the images below:

He added that the driver of the vehicle managed to get out as it began floating in the water: "He was panicked but he came out and we immediately began to try and get the car out of the water using a cable, however, after a few minutes the waves eventually pushed the car out of the water"


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