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This Toyota Land Cruiser bakkie 'rescuing' another Cruiser is hugely satisfying

2017-06-23 11:35

Cape Town - There are a few South Africanisms, Saffas have become known for the world over.

'Howzit bru?', 'Eish!' and of course, 'Boer maak n plan'.

Bakkie rescues another bakkie

Now we can safely add 'brandewyn en modder', as can be heard in the background of this video, to the list as a challenger perhaps to the term chutzpa - take a look at this video to see what we mean.

But it does leave you wondering, 'How did this scene actually come about?'

Watch: Toyota Land Cruiser 'rescues' another Cruiser

Shared by SA People via South Africa Live's wall -  it has been viewed over 300 000 times and described as showing the sense of spirit and adventure of South Africans, with many having some rather funny things to say about it.

Govan Toni Maart says, "I just LOVE our country's diversity. It truly is beautiful to go down the page wall and see the vast variety of crazy, weird, funny, beautiful, sad, twisted, yet unique posts. All from our South Africa."

Phumlani Mthethwa says: "You gotta love Toyota while the car is underneath water the engine is still running."

Danny Valente Leite says, "Everyone looks camoflauged. Too much Khaki for one day!"

"Aubrey Nthite writes, "Don’t leave your broer stuck in the mud to sink, good friendship."

Musombwa Mabenga, "A lot of klipdrift in one video." 

Only in SA!

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