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Reader: 'The Toyota Moose test - at last a balanced view'

2016-12-21 07:09

Wynand Louw

LOCAL HILUX TEST: WegRY conducted its own test of the moose test on the Toyota Hilux. Image: YouTube


The Toyota Hilux may be South Africa's best-selling vehicle but avoiding objects in the road without tipping over may not be its strongest trait, at least according to this video.

Cape Town - Earlier in October 2016, Wheels24 reported on a video showing a Toyota Hilux failing a handling test (Moose Test).

In the video, created by Swedish motoring publication Teknikens Värld, the Hilux can be seen travelling at 60km/h as a test driver attempts to navigate a 'Moose Test''.

We also shared how five other rival bakkies fared in the test.

READ:  Hilux fails handling test - Here's how 5 rival bakkies fared

Since  then, we have been inundated with emails from readers asking for a local test, hence we felt we needed to share WegRy's version of their Toyota Hilux 'moose test'.

Wheels24 sister publication WegRY, SA’s biggest 4x4 magazine, performed its own version of the Moose Test and returned very different results to that of the Swedish publication.

Voicing opinions

Our readers were still not impressed and claimed the video was not done under the same conditions as the Swede's version.

One Wheels24 reader though, begs to differ. Wynand Louw shares his thoughts:  

"Thank you, at last, for doing a test that pointed out the most important shortcoming of the Swedish “Moose test” that turned out so controversial for Toyota - I noticed it immediately when I saw the first videoclip. 

"The other bakkies are driven properly into the test, whilst the Toyota is thrown into it with very strange turning angles - as if the driver can’t drive or wants to catch the vehicle out. Watching the other bakkies, suddenly the driver chooses the right approach/entering angle and it is an easy drive.

Click on the gif below to read all on WegRy's moose test.

"Your test (WegRy), obviously performed with a driver that can drive, shows the correct result. It is not a surprise that some readers are now “attacking” your article, good news is not good news for everyone!

"Yes, I own a Toyota - a 2006 Fortuner 3.0 D.D 4x4, as I also own a 2013 Mercedes ML 250 and a Patrol 4.2 TDi 4x4, and the past 25 years I also owned Mazda, Ford, Isuzu and two Toyota 4x4 pickups. All in all the Fortuner is the best overall 4x4 I have owned. At 50 000km I upgraded the suspension, but it was shock replacement time and it just made sense to go for a more 'pukka' 4x4 suspension (EFS). This is the first vehicle that I have ever driven for longer than 5 years - I just can’t get it over my heart to part with it.

"It seems South African 4x4 drivers always have to pick on other brands - why? All the vehicles I drove had their strong and weak points. The Toyotas just seemed to be the best balanced experience - probably why they are so popular. But I loved the ride quality of the Isuzu, the unbreakable engines of the Nissans and the general pleasant experiences with Mazda/Ford.

"Come on all - let the sun also shine over those driving something different than you!"

Watch the test below and decide for yourself: The clip is in Afrikaans

* Please note the opinions of these Toyota Hilux moose tests do not reflect the views of Wheels24.

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