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Pimped-out Hyundai: New Tucson Sport in SA

2017-06-05 12:49

Janine Van der Post

Image: Wheels24 / Janine Van der Post

Stellenbosch - Hyundai has added yet another derivative to its Tucson range - it's called the Sport. 

The minute I parked my car in the parking area of Spier Wine Estate, where the launch was taking place, I thought 'Geez, Louis, that's one hot car'!

It has strong, bold lines and has instant appeal for any petrolhead. The Tucson has a winning recipe already but this version will open the eyes of much younger buyers who probably would never even think of considering a family-SUV, until now. 

During the launch route, the amount of interest the car garnered was fascinating to witness. Onlookers probably wondered where (or why) I had pimped out a Tucson SUV. 

Hyundai launched its current new Tucson in 2016, and it has been wildly popular in terms of sales. Since its launch, the automaker has sold 7553 units, claiming a 16.5% stake in its segment. That number surpassed even Toyota Rav4's 5773 units and the Mazda CX-5's 4326 cars sold during the same period, claims 

Stanley Anderson, sales and operations director for Hyundai SA, says: "The Tucson features an imported Korean body kit and has specially designed alloys designed locally by Tiger Wheel and Tyre with only 500 sets available."

"Of course, since its launch on Friday, we've been inundated with queries from Tucson owners: 'Where can I buy that body kit?'

Anderson told Wheels24: "At this stage, the Tucson body kit is exclusively available for the 1.6-litre Turbo only in the from of the Sport model." 

Power figures are rated at 150kW/295Nm and its equipped with a the bells and whistles from the range such as 19" alloys, electric leather seats, rear view camera, infotainment system and satnav. 

Below is the front view differences between the normal Tuscon vs. the Tucson Sport

It's additional styling takes its price to R499 900 but when compared to its three closest rivals, you have to pay extra for almost everything mentioned. It's roughly R50 000 more than the 1.6 TGDI Executive manual version.

It's available in all colours of the Tucson range. 

How does it drive?

The body kit makes the Sport version look the John Wick of Hyundai models. It has that 'don't mess with me' attitude. The body kit also adds an extra set of exhausts tailpipes. I absolutely love this as there's this continuous burbling drone when idling and although there isn't a ferocious roar when driving, there's enough of a rumble to keep a smile on your face.  

Its 150kW is more than enough to overtake, sit tight in corners and put foot to the metal. It feels very comfy on the road whether you're driving on long open roads, or trudging along in traffic. 

Below is the rear view differences between the normal Tuscon vs. the Tucson Sport.


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Hyundai says an all-wheel drive, 1.6-litre version will be made available later in July, along with a panoramic glass roof at the price of R599 900.


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