Meet Smokey Nagata

The man behind the legendary twin-turbo V12 Toyota Supra build.

Jeremy Clarkson on lockdown

Clarkson and the guys warn their fans of the importance of staying home during lockdown.


A Yaris-based SUV?! Covid-19 prolongs highly-anticipated reveal of Toyota’s new compact offering

2020-03-27 08:30

The new Yaris is a compact offering on which Toyota will base its compact cars for developed countries in the future.

ICYMI | Here are all the automatic bakkies already launched in SA this year

2020-03-25 09:57

South Africa is one of the world's most lucrative bakkie markets, hence automaker's are always looking to introduce new models locally.

How the Ford F-150 bakkie became the king in the US

2020-03-24 14:00

In 2018, Ford announced it would pahse out nearly all of its passenger cars in the United States. Here's why Americans flock to the F-150 over anything else.

Back by popular demand! Toyota Land Cruiser Namib edition gets second production run

2020-03-21 14:00

Following the positive market response, Toyota has commissioned a re-run of the Land Cruiser Namib and added a single-cab derivative based on customer requests.

Hybrid power for fourth-generation Sorento - Kia spills the beans on its new flagship SUV

2020-03-20 09:41

Kia revealed the fourth-generation of its flagship SUV, the Sorento. The new model also sees the introduction of hybrid technology to the range.

New Mercedes G-Class revealed: Here's all you need to know about the legendary SUV reborn

15/01/2018 02:30 Mercedes-Benz heads into 2018 with the relaunch of a classic SUV - the new G-Class. We images, video and details of the off-road legend!
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