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Now’s the time to spring clean… your slips and your car!

2016-09-27 08:47

FROM PRINT TO DIGITAL: Mix Telematics suggests that motorists switch to digital receipts for better managing of tax returns. Image: iStock

Cape Town - Think about how many times, each day, you’re handed a cash slip when making a purchase.

Without thinking how important that tiny slip of paper may be, most of the time, it gets crumpled up and tossed into your cubbyhole or the nearest bin. Did you know, that research indicates that 90% of consumers would rather have digitally stored receipts than collecting paper ones, and 50% would rather buy from companies that offer a digital receipt option?

Now that its Spring we usually all spring clean different aspects of our lives - but have you ever thought about doing the same with your slips by making them digital? Mix Telematics explains.

From paper to digital

Millions of tons of paper are wasted each year from the production of slips that merely get thrown away. Only 1% of all slips collected, serve a purpose. However, in the past, if you travelled for business, it was important to keep all your slips so that you could complete and submit an accurate tax return. However, in today’s ever evolving technological landscape, this is no longer necessary. 

Through advanced technologies, such as electronic logbooks, you are able to log your business and private travel, as well as capture odometer readings and vehicle expenses from the convenience of your phone. This means, no more paper, pens or hundreds of slips lying around your car and most importantly; a clean, SARS compliant, tax return for all your travel expenses.

In fact, it is not only about managing all those slips. By using an electronic logbook, the average driver who travels for business and records these trips accurately, can possibly earn money on their tax return.

With some of these devices, you can simply plug them into the lighter socket in your car and it will effortlessly manage your trips electronically. 

More cleaning tips for your car:

1. Use dryer sheets to remove stuck bugs from your car

You can use dryer sheets (a fragrant cloth sheet added to the tumble dryer to scent clothing) to remove old bugs from your car. The power of dryer sheets is impressive when cleaning your car; just make sure that you spray down your vehicle before you start wiping. If you can't find any dryer sheets, clean old cotton clothes with some added essential oils like cedar, lavender or rose work just as well. 

2. Headlight hack: use tooth paste

If your headlights are not offering you a great deal of light anymore, use some regular toothpaste and rub it across the headlights with a cloth. This will help remove the cloudiness from your headlights.

3. Roll down your windows before wiping them with glass cleaner

Most people tend to forget there's also grime on the top of car windows. This is dirt you can't see if the window is not rolled down. Roll down your window to ensure that you get the entire window.

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4. Rub alcohol or WD-40 on your wipers

Most people either forget to clean their windshield wipers or have no clue how to do it. You can use regular alcohol or WD-40 on your windshield wipers to make sure they are also free from dirt, which means that you will have a streak-free window. You don't want to spend a large amount of time cleaning your windshield only to have your wipers smear dirt all over it again.

5. Use cleaning powder and water to clean your wheels

If you want your rims to shine, you just need water and washing powder. Make a paste out of the powder and proceed to rub it all over your car’s rims. Rinse off with water and your car will have shiny rims that will make people jealous.

For more great cleaning tips, visit Tyroola.


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