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2017-01-25 08:20

Laykin Rudolph

WATCH OUT!A driver manages to avoid not one but two oncoming trucks.Image: YouTube

Cape Town - A driver manages to avoid not one but two oncoming trucks in an insane dash-cam clip.

The incident, captured via dashcam, could easily have taken a turn for the worst, (we’re thinking something out of a 'Final Destination' movie) as a several trucks could've been involved.

The video, translated from Russian reads “The brutal accident, an accident on the highway”, was uploaded to YouTube.

Close call

The unidentified vehicle recording the footage shows how one truck makes a reckless pass into the path of oncoming traffic. The large, black truck, emerging from behind a row of trucks, forces the driver of the unidentified vehicle to swerve into the opposite lane before crashing into a ditch on the side of the road. 

The video also shows the speed of the vehicle; the driver travels between 80 and 90km/h. Note how the driver doesn't slow down as he/she approaches the first truck. The driver manages to swerves out of the way though nearly into the path of a second truck.

If anything the driver certainly did something right by aiming for the object that seemed to be less detrimental to his/her health - the side of the road. Instead of a head-on collision with the black truck, the driver swerves and crashes off-road. 

It is important to be vigilant on the road – the driver should have noticed the oncoming truck from afar and slowed down. 

The video unfortunately does not show the damage caused to the vehicle after leaving the road at speed. 


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