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WATCH: Why it's important to keep racing on the track on not on the streets of SA

2018-09-03 14:34

Robin Classen

WATCH: Keeping it on the track - DJ Ready D talks

Image: YouTube

Deon Daniels, better known as DJ Ready D, sheds some light on why it is important to keep racing on the track and off the streets. 

He is a popular figure in the drifting scene and highlights the dangers of racing on public roads in a video released by the Western Cape transport department.

Anything can happen

In drifting, cars navigate bends and high speeds with tyres taking a beating in the process. As he explains in the video, the rear tyre of his Nissan 200SX popped off during a high-speed bend. A dangerous situation to be in while racing in a controlled environment such as a race track.

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According to the department: "DJ Ready D talks motorsports and why we need to keep it on the track and in a controlled environment."

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Check out the video below:


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