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WATCH: Truck gets blown over in huge Cape storm

2017-06-08 14:51

Image: Twitter

Cape Town - Earlier in June, Wheels24 reported that heavy winds were wreaking havoc on vehicles and properties in Cape Town, as a huge storm affects the Western Cape.

Video footage captured the moment a truck, driving along the N1 Route near Worcester, was battered by gale force winds.

The driver attempts to slow down and stick to the left lane due the vehicle's high-centre of gravity and the sheer force of the storm, the huge truck is eventually toppled.

Arrive Alive editor Johan Jonck says: "Barloworld Transport has confirmed that the ManLine driver was fortunately not injured and is currently safe at the ManLine depot in Worcester." 

WATCH the scary incident below:

Arrive Alive offers some driving tips for motorists facing strong winds on the road. Click here for more driving tips.

Defensive driving in high winds

1 Drive with a defensive attitude, starting with wearing your seatbelt and ensuring passengers are buckled up as well.
2 Keep all your attention on the road and other road users.
3 Avoid all driver distractions and leave the phone alone.
4 Reduce any possible distractions by turning the radio down.
5 Attentiveness to trees, hedges and overhead cables may offer guidance to the wind's direction and strength.
6 By looking further up the road you may also be able to anticipate dangerous areas and the impact that the strong winds have on other road users.
7 Keep an eye on what is happening to other vehicles and whether they are safely kept inside their lanes.
8 Anticipate! You may be buffeted by the wind or the slipstreams of other vehicles as well as gusts when overtaking high-sided vehicles.

Steering and controlling your vehicle in high winds

1 Keep both hands firmly on the steering wheel and both eyes on the road.
2 A firm grip with both hands is required when the wind begins to move your vehicle, especially if you are driving a large vehicle or towing a trailer.
3 Reduce speed/ Slow down!
4 At reduced speed you have more time to react and avoid hazards such as debris or other road users straying out of their lames.
5 In mountainous areas and bends expect there to be debris from the strong winds around every corner.
6 Be prepared and able if you are required to make a sudden stop.
7 At slower speed you will also have better control of the vehicle.
8 The faster you drive the further off-course you're likely to drift in a sudden gust before you regain control of the vehicle.
9 Keep extra distance between you and the car in front - consider increasing the two-three second rule to 5 or 6 seconds.
10 This is especially important when following trucks, buses, or all vehicles towing trailers and caravans.
11 If you see a truck driving ahead that is losing its load, give it a wide berth.
12 Turn on headlights as you may encounter potentially lower visibility created by blowing dust, sand, snow or rain.
13 Be ready to make steering corrections when driving from wind-protected areas to unprotected areas.
14 Be extra defensive near trucks and give them some extra space.
15 Only overtake if you need to and you are convinced that you can do so safely.
16 Do not panic or turn your wheel quickly or suddenly, make only smooth and gentle movements.

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