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WATCH: This Poké-fool crashes into cops

2016-07-20 08:53

ANOTHER POKEMON GO CRASH: This driver crashed his car into a police vehicle. The reason? Playing Pokemon while driving. Nice. Image: Facebook


A tour bus in South Korea was captured crashing into traffic. Police are also investigating the horror crash which killed four people and injured dozens.

Baltimore - Earlier in July, Wheels24 reported that a driver crashed his car while playing Pokémon GO. The driver was distracted behind the wheel and smashed his ride into a tree.

Pokémon GO is enjoying phenomenal success since being launched earlier in 2016. Sadly, many drivers are more less concerned with concentrating on the road ahead than the pursuit to 'catch them all'. 

This has led to bizarre road incidents. 

Distracted driving

Video footage has emerged of a youngster crashing his Toyta RAV4 into a police car in Baltimore, USA. The crash was recorded by officers on duty.

In the video the young man can be heard saying: "That's what I get for playing this dumb a** game."

The Baltimore Police Department said in a press conference: "On July 18th, at about 3.30am in the morning, officers from the South East district had just finished a call for service in the 2900th block of Eastern Avenue.

"A Toyota RAV4 coming down the street suddenly struck one of the patrol cars that was parked at the location. The crash was actually captured by an officer’s body-worn camera. And fortunately the officers were not in their patrol cars.

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"The driver of that vehicle told investigators was looking for and playing his Pokémon game when this incident occurred.

"This is serious stuff. It’s a game. But it’s not a game where you’re behind the wheel of a 2 000-pound vehicle driving down the roadway."

Watch the video below:

Watch the Baltimore Police Department's press conference here:

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