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WATCH: How to fix F1? 'Dangerous driving is what the fans want!' - Jeremy Clarkson

2019-07-24 14:30
jeremy clarkson

Image: YouTube

WARNING: This video contain harsh language

Grand Tour host Jeremy Clarkson has always been a huge Formula 1 but that's no longer the case...

"I want that sport to be exciting again," said Clarkson in a recent expletive-laden YouTube video. He says he would rather watch a bunch of flowers grow than to sit and watch a Formula 1 race.

He shares some musings on how he would fix the sport:

1. "Get rid of the stewards. Dangerous driving is what the fans want. If someone had to do dangerous driving I would give them an extra 5 or 10 championship points.

2. "The cars have to be stronger. They have to be able to withstand wheel-to-wheel action without bits of wing coming off.

3. "The governing body must look at what did Cricket did: they had a five-day boring match and turned it into what we saw (what I was told we saw) in the final of the World Cup. I was watching the tennis final, just as exciting.

"Meanwhile there's Lewis Hamilton hmm 'I'll just wait for a pit stop to come in and I'll overtake Bottas that way. All of you f**k off.

"...Let's turn it into a proper sport again, and not some health and safety exercise."

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Watch the video below to see what Clarkson thinks is wrong with F1:


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