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WATCH: Female GTI driver hijacked in Pinetown

2017-01-10 14:56

YOUNG WOMAN HIJACKED: A screen-grab from CCTV footage shows a Peugeot pull up alongside a Volkswagen Golf GTI moments before the hijack occurred. Image: Supplied

Pinetown - In a dramatic clip captured on CCTV, a young woman is hijacked as she pulled up to meet an acquaintance in Pinetown, Kwa-Zulu Natal. 

The video shows the female driver of a Volkswagen Golf GTI stop alongside a road and exit her car. It appears as if she stopped to pick up a male pedestrian who can be seen along the passenger side. 

A few seconds later, a silver Peugeot hatchback pulls-up alongside the duo and the pedestrian walks towards the rear of the Peugeot as though he recognizes one or more of the occupants. 

A man then leaps from the Peugeot at which point both the pedestrian and driver of the GTI attempt to flee the scene. You can spot one of the perpetrators chasing the pair and retrieving the GTI's keys. 

Arrive Alive's Johan Jonck commented on the incident: 

"This is another example of the impact that crime has on our road users. Unfortunately there is not much that could be done to prevent this incident. It is believed the driver ran away with the key and had to hand it over when being pursued by the hijackers.

"She did the right thing not to put up a fight which could have been deadly. The golden rule is that you can get your possessions back but not your life." 

Watch the incident: 

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