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WATCH: Driver gives law-breaking taxi a reality check in SA

2015-12-18 10:00

STAND YOUR GROUND: A Durban driver takes on a law-breaking taxi, and wins. Image: YouTube


Dash-cam footage captures a taxi driver jumping two red traffic lights in less than two minutes. Why is this behaviour considered 'normal' in South Africa?

Durban - Skipping traffic lights, driving recklessly... Many taxi drivers believe they can get away with horrendous road behavior in South Africa.

Sadly, most road users allow unruly taxi drivers to continue to endanger motorists. Try and confront a reckless taxi driver and you might end up in a heated confrontation... or worse.

A Durban driver takes a stand against a law-breaking taxi, and wins.

Challenging a reckless taxi driver

According to News24, a Durban driver, captured via a dashcam, took on a law-breaking taxi.

Read the full story here.

A video shows a taxi driver swerving his vehicle into oncoming traffic to overtake gridlocked cars.

The taxi driver most likely assumed the oncoming driver would move out of his way. Instead, the driver forces the taxi to reverse all the way back down the road.

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The video was originally posted to the Facebook page 'You Drive like a _ KZN' by Johan VD Westhuizen.

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