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WATCH: Angry father crushes daughter's Audi to 'prove a point'

2016-08-26 10:30

MAD MIKE UNLEASHED: Mike Card, incensed by his daughter's behaviour, decided to teach her a lesson in the worst possible way. Sadly, this Audi paid the price for his poor parenting. Image: Facebook / Kaylor Card

New York - An angry father, enraged by his daughter's behaviour, vents his frustrations in a bizarre fashion - crushing her Audi with an excavator just to 'prove a point'.

“Nothing was wrong with the engine! This was to prove a point to someone! Car was in perfect shape,” said Kaylor Card on Facebook when asked why his father, Mike, crushed his sister's Audi A4.

Bizarre parenting

The exact details of this shocking incident is not clear, but what we do know from his Facebook page is that 1) Ashlyn, Kaylor's sister, was with someone in her car who was "not supposed to be there" and 2) father Mike has an incredibly short temper.

A video posted on Facebook show's Mike driving the excavator into the Audi, wrecking the vehicle. 

While some may see this as poor parenting, Mike sees this as teaching his daughter a lesson.

The car first belonged to Kaylor before it was handed down to Ashlyn.

Watch the video below: We've included Facebook comments below the video


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