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Video wrap-up: 6 top videos of the week

2016-09-09 14:07

Rejoining a race in progress is probably one of the most dangerous situations in motorsport. Watch as Trans-Am racer Paul Fix picks the wrong moment to drive back onto a race track.

Cape Town - This week delivered a number of strange videos ranging from the absolute bizarre to down right crazy.

In Gauteng a woman displayed a fair bit of rage because someone was filming her and in Cape Town a taxi driver met his match when a bakkie driver refused to give him/her any freedom to drive in a disorderly manner.

We also had international videos coming through our gates, but one that stood out was a Porsche 911 driver who lost control of his car on a very wet Nurburgring track.

In no particular order, here is our list of top videos of the week: 

1 'Calm down!' Gauteng driver goes ballistic when confronted about driving

'CALM DOWN AND DRIVE!' These three Gauteng drivers handle a road-rage altercation without it escalating into violence. The exact details of the altercation is unknown but the video shows a female driver (red Fiat 500) arguing with the driver and uploader of this video.

The driver recording her rant can be heard saying that she was driving in the middle of the intersection. A third motorist arrives to defuse the situation. The incident could've turned violent as the uploader had pepper spray prepared. The driver's daughter can be heard saying: "what does that spray do?" 

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2 Guy smashes his Ferrari's windscreen, realises the replacement is broken

DIY GONE WRONG: This Ferrari owner thought it'd be a good idea to share some consumer advice on owning a Ferrari, especially the hardships of replacing the supercar's windscreen wipers. To get his point across he smashes the vehicle's windscreen with a baseball bat, only to find that the replacement is cracked too!

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3 WATCH: Mistaken identity? Woman sets baffled stranger's car on fire

RANDOM ARSON: A woman was caught on camera setting a white Honda on fire. The owner of the car was dumbstruck upon seeing his car go up in flames. The Clearwater Police Department (in America) arrested the woman, 19-year-old Carmen Chamblee, and charged her with second-degree arson. And on why she did it? She thought it was her ex's car.

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4 WATCH: Porsche 911 misjudges corner, bangs into barrier

WATCH OUT! This Porsche 911 driver misjudged his racing line while navigating the Nurburgring in wet weather. He smashes into the barriers and though it looks like there is no visible damage, he pulls over nonetheless to assess the vehicle.

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5 SA taxi driver meets his match, an oke in a bakkie

ANOTHER DAY, ANOTHER TAXI DRIVING RECKLESSLY: A dashcam captures the moment a taxi forces its way through traffic but comes up short against a resilient bakkie driver. The moment he sees a gap, the taxi driver pulls over in peak traffic. The 'taxi attendant' walks up to a bakkie driver and can be seen pointing and screaming at at the driver. The bakkie driver refuses to back down and pulls over to confront taxi operator.

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6 WATCH: This is why amateurs shouldn't use the Focus RS' Drift Mode

NO SHAKE AND BAKE: According to the Youtube uploader: "a reckless (ex)club member of the New York ST club decided to go all "Ricky Bobby" with no warning." All we can say is, watch the clip. 

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