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Thieves perform epic heist, crash Mustang into cop car!

2016-08-22 08:17

STOLEN 'STANG: A number of Ford vehicles were stolen from a dealership in Australia a now wrecked Mustang (pictured here). Image: Facebook


At a recent Cars and Coffee event in Stuttgart, Germany the owner of a Ford Focus RS decided to show off the car's 'Drift Mode'. We're accustomed to seeing Mustang owners filed miserably at drifting, this RS owner clearly wants to join the club.

Melbourne - A group of car thieves carried out what appears to be a planned heist of a Ford dealership in Frankston in Victoria, Australia.

The thieves reportedly stole seven vehicles, including a Mustang on August 20, 2016.

The heist

According to 7 News Melbourne, the dealership manager called the incident a “well-planned” theft. The thieves managed to pry open the safe and remove blackades in order to drive away. Incredibly, the thieves were able to take a leisurely 15 minutes, selecting their vehicles and driving off with them, reports 7 News.

The seven stolen vehicles; include three Territory SUVs, two Falcon G6E sedans, a Ranger and the aforementioned Mustang.

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Paul Beresford, manager of the raided dealership said: "Still a little bit, sort of in shock; dumbfounded. Who knows why they've done it - what for. But obviously it is a well-planned job."

Mustang crash

It seems the thieves didn't plan their getaway as well as the heist, as by August 21 they had ditched two of the seven vehicles.

What about the Mustang? The good news is that the muscle car ended up in traffic with a cop car behind it, due to someone tipping off the authorities. The bad news is that the criminal behind the wheel rammed the police car in their attempt to escape.

A 22-year-old man was arrested following the Mustang incident and has been charged with numerous offences including car theft, burglary and drug possession, 7 News reports. 

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Beresford added: "It's (the Mustang) a sought after car - you order one, you wait 12 months for it. So there's not an awful lot of them out there. And obviously a bright red Mustang with black wheels is certainly gonna stand out."

Three of the stolen cars have been retrieved, while four are still missing.  

Watch the video below:

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