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'The street is not the place' - why dangerous drag-racing should be held on a race track

2019-01-28 08:08
Illegal drag race

Image: iStock

Earlier in January, an illegal street race on the N1 near Century City, Cape Town resulted in a car crash where the driver was seriously injured. 

The crash and its aftermath was caught on video by spectators who were watching from a nearby bridge. The incident has had an economic impact on the City and has forever changed the lives of the driver and his family as both of his legs were amputated.

'The street is not the place'

The managing director of MasterDrive, Eugene Herbert, says the tragedy could have been avoided considering that there are so many avenues available for performance driving.

WATCH: Illegal drag race ends in tears for one driver

"We appreciate that people wish to explore the performance characteristics of the cars that they buy but the street is not the place.

"In many instances manufacturers make track days available for their specific brand but sadly not enough drivers take up such options, preferring the thrill (and dangers) of street racing.

"MasterDrive does, by arrangement, coordinate events for drivers of high-performance cars who under instruction from the MasterDrive instructors can enjoy their vehicles – safely," says Herbert.

Many race tracks across South Africa have also started programmes that provide street racers with opportunities to drive on the track.

"With all these opportunities available there is no reason to put the lives of others and your own life in danger. I urge anyone who is interested in performance driving to enjoy it in a safe and controlled environment," concludes Herbert.


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