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Schumacher's reputation, Bloem's VW-boy car designer: This week's best motoring stories

2020-06-14 15:55

Janine Van der Post

mazda,mazda 3,mazda3

Image: Charlen Raymond

This week's top reads have been the expired vehicle licence issue, and there seems to be much confusion about the matter.

Stay tuned to Wheels24 in the new week, when we hope to bring updated information and answers to all our reader queries.If your vehicle licence has expired, please try and renew as soon as possible. The longer you wait, the more arrears fees you would still have to pay.

While we're far from overcoming Covid-19, it's imperative that we all still sanitise and clean our vehicles while in lockdown Level 3. Remember, the strong chemicals in good sanitisers could be damaging your car's interior equipment and materials, we look at how to take care of the vehicle the right way.

Wheels24's Charlen Raymond takes a look at how Michael Schumacher's return to Formula One possibly tarnished his legendary reputation.

And Sean Parker discovers a viral tweet about a young boy from Bloemfontein who created his own Volkswagen Frankenstein's car. 

Here are this week's top motoring reads:

1. Driving with J9: Here's what that 90-day extension means for expired vehicle or drivers' licences

license disc

Image: Wheels24 / Charlen Raymond

2. What to do should you be fined for a 'lockdown' expired licence

A driver's licence. (Duncan Alfreds, News24)

Image: News24/Duncan Alfreds

3. How to disinfect your vehicle without causing any damage during the Covid-19 pandemic

mahindra xuv300_pos 2 interior

Image: Wheels24 / Clavern Van der Post

4. F1 Gold | Why Michael Schumacher should've stayed retired

michael Schumacher,f1,ferrari,formula 1,mercedes

Image: GettyImages

5. WATCH | Bloem kid creates Volkswagen Frankenstein 'car'

Volkswagen Frankenstein


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