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SA towing industry needs transformation, new service charter released to help motorists - AA

2018-06-13 13:10

Alan Rosenmeyer

Image: iStock

The Automobile Association has unveiled their Service Charter aimed at providing assurances for their members regarding towing of their vehicles on Wednesday (June 13) at a press conference in Midrand.

Wheels24 contributor, Alan Rosenmeyer, was in attendance: "Sadly, we all know of, or have personally had bad experiences relating to towing and this has led to an entire industry being tarred by the misconduct of some participants.

"The AA has decided to issue a service charter which will apply to themselves and their partners in the industry."

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The service charter outlines four areas that the AA believes are essential to achieve their aims:

  •  Always being available to members and customers
  •  Ensuring member and customer satisfaction is a priority
  •  Being accountable to members and customers
  •  Valuing its partners and suppliers

Read the charter below:

Collins Khumalo, CEO of the AA, presented the Charter to the media and a large group of representatives of various towing industry bodies.

Khumalo says: "By committing the AA to these levels of service and transparency in the way it does business, it hopes to influence the industry as a whole.

"With this Charter, we are encouraging our industry colleagues to join us in making meaningful and sustainable changes to the way we operate. This industry must change and we are taking the first steps to ensuring this happens. It’s a move we think is to the benefit of everyone in this sector but, more importantly, to the benefit of all road users in the country."

Not all groups are happy with the charter

Rosenmeyer says: "Many of these bodies expressed dissatisfaction with the Charter and the steps being undertaken by the AA.

"During disruptions by certain towing industry bodies, one of these bodies declared that they are starting immediate strike action against the AA and its partners.

"Various other bodies protested against the measures that the AA are putting in place as part of serving members of its organisation."

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