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SA readers respond to Top Gear: fans increasingly frustrated

2016-06-17 14:36

Charlen Raymond

WE'D BE FLEEING TOO: South Africans are growing increasingly frustrated with the new Top Gear and its hosts. Really frustrated. Image: YouTube

Cape Town - Oh, Top Gear. Will your sorrows ever end?

The series so far has garnered nothing but mixed responses from fans and foes, leaving us all to wonder: what’s next for the struggling motor show.

Ratings do matter!

In the UK, viewer ratings have been dropping like stones and the third, and latest, episode had a lowly 2.4-million viewers tuning in.

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However, while some South Africans are still hoping the new show will come into its own, others have thrown in the towel and are not at all happy with the content, the cast, or the ‘humour’.

Here’s what South Africans had to say:

More readers respond:

Shirley Robinson: Most disappointing!!! You cannot replicate the previous presenters!! Start something new or drop programme altogether!

Alwyn Botha: The new series is horrible. Only had the stomach to watch the first episode and changed channels before the end of the show. How can a world-class broadcaster approve this terrible content and annoying (Chris Evans) presenter?

Craig Jacobs: So this episode of Top Gear was a particularly good one. I thought it might've been because I'm halfway through a bottle of Bain's, but Dom enjoyed it with me and disliked exactly what I did: Evans.

He does ok in the interviews, but annoys me in reviews.

Chris Harris was excellent as I've come to expect over the past few years from YouTube. He just is good! I might seem like a fan boy, but his enthusiasm and the way he makes little pieces of tech knowledge seem cool, is just unsurpassed.

Rory Reid was also quite enjoyable, looks like he genuinely enjoys what he does. It might be because he's new to a massive audience and still over excited, but he seems comfortable. Joey (Matt le Blanc's character in Friends), yes he will always be Joey, (and) is great as the cool unflustered 'Merican foil to the Brits. I hope the bit with Block continues through various cities, learning things indirectly. 

I've always liked Sabine, but I'm not convinced about her as a permanent presenter. She was always great as a guest star, though. Overall, bring on more TG.

Leon Schoeman: Watched the first episode but could only last 10 minutes. I won’t be watching anymore. Can’t stand the way Chris Evans shouts. Come back Jeremy, James and Richard – all is forgiven.

And it continued on Twitter:

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