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SA festive season road deaths: 1527 killed, 11% decrease

2018-01-22 11:18

Pretoria - The death toll over the 2017/2018 festive season has decreased to 1527, an 11% decline from the previous year, reports SA Transport Minister, Joe Maswanganyi.

The department released statistics in Pretoria.  

According to the minister, 1714 deaths were recorded during 2016/2017 festive period. 

What do you think of the festive season road death toll? What do you think should be done to curb road deaths in SA? Email us

Arrive Alive's Johan Jonck said: "We are pleased to find a reduction in road deaths as reported by the Minister this morning. Any reduction in road deaths is a step in the right direction. We need to acknowledge that we are coming from a horrific death toll figure though no death toll number would ever be 'acceptable' and there is much more to do.

"We need to acknowledge those traffic officers, emergency/rescue workers and hospital staff who worked 24/7 during the festive season to keep us safe and alive...

"It is a positive to find a reduction in passenger deaths - we have tried to emphasise during the festive season the need for all passengers to buckle up - we also emphasised the message from a paramedic that they very seldom have to unbuckle a dead person after a road crash!"


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