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SA crime stats: Rise in carjackings 'alarming'

2016-09-02 16:03

ALARMING TRENDS: Annual vehicle crime statistics reveal alarming trends in car theft and hijackings. Image: AFP

Cape Town - Statistics reveals troubling trends in vehicle crime in South Africa over the course of the last year, according to 2015/16 annual crime survey  released by the South African Police (SAPS).

The survey listed 'Trio crimes' which includes "carjacking and robberies at residential and non-residential premises which, amongst others, are perceived by households the most common and feared crimes in South Africa".

The survey was presented to parliament during a presentation on Friday (September 2). The figures were from April 2015 to March this year.

Crime trends

Carjacking has increased by 14.3% in all provinces though theft out of motor vehicles has decreased. Carjacking was highest in Gauteng.

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Crime research and statistics head, major General Norman Sekhukhunesaid, said there was good news for truck hijacking, which has decreased by 7.4%. Decreases were noted in Gauteng, Western Cape and Limpopo, whereas increases were seen in Mpumalanga and Eastern Cape.

INFOGRAPHIC: Quick facts from Crime Stats 2016

Below is part of the presentation pertaining to vehicle crime: 

Expert opinion

Arrive Alive’s Johan Jonck said: "There are a few important trends. Of great concern is the consistent rise in carjackings, especially in Gauteng, where it is alarmingly high. The reduction in theft of vehicles but comparative increase in carjacking may point towards effective technology in vehicles that make it more difficult to steal a stationary vehicle. It is much simpler to force the driver out of a running vehicle during a hijack but the alarming part is that this method is life-threatening!

"The reduction in truck hijackings may also be attributed to better planning, alertness and the effective use of tracking technology by fleet managers. The private sector can be commended for taking action in protecting its drivers, trucks and cargo.

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"Although bank robberies have reduced significantly, there has been an uptrend in cash-in-transit robberies. These crimes are usually not performed by your ordinary hijacker but by well-trained (usually former security/military/police) groups of individuals.

"We are pleased to see a decrease in theft from vehicles after the department reported increases in the previous two years. Perhaps warnings not leave valuables in sight of criminals and to focus on avoiding possible remote-jamming incidents are reaching the target audience."

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