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Reckless driving: 6 taxi drivers behaving badly

2017-02-23 07:42

TAXI DRIVERS IN SA: Reckless, aggressive, inconsiderate ... Minibus taxi drivers are notorious for dangerous road behaviour in South Africa.Image: YouTube

Cape Town - Reckless driving, aggressive behaviour... Minibus taxi drivers are notorious for dangerous road behaviour in South Africa.

Not all taxi drivers are road hogs but there are bad apples giving responsible taxi drivers a bad name.

Though the formula to putting an to bad behaviour among taxi drivers still needs to be discovered, inconsiderate operators will continue to cause unnecessary harm to fellow motorists.

Check out our collection of taxi videos below. If you have any comments on taxis driving like they own the road, get in touch with us and share your thoughts.

Readers respond

Lorraine Moremane: Taxi drivers are a big problem. Everyday at Corner of Harry Gaulan& Walton Road they skip the queue and drive in oncoming traffic.

Dr Ebrahim Fakir: I’ve been driving for 10 years & can confirm that the taxi drivers ARE roadhogs.
I have been jammed between 2 taxis, threatened at gunpoint after I wouldn't allow one to cut in front of me. He physically stopped and and came to my window while his co-driver stood armed on the passenger side window!
Lets call a spade a spade – they are menaces on the road.
Just last week I was at a traffic light to turn left onto the Kenilworth bridge when a taxi came from across the pavement to cut in!!!
They don’t care!!!!

Edelweiss Mampaey: We drive down Lansdowne Road in Cape Town everyday, now know has Govern Mbeki Road. Taxis chase and cut in front. They box you in when in the middle lane and you dice with death just trying to go to work to provide for your family. They have their own Road Laws. Nobody can say anything or don’t even think of reprimanding them they ignore you and speed on.

Rhona Jones: Just this morning I saw a taxi waiting to cross robot but he was waiting in the incoming lane!
You have to go to JHB city where they ride on the pavement and hoot for pedestrians to get out of the way.
Something has to be done.

Poll results

Which major city do you think has the worst taxi drivers?

Johannesburg 64% - 15437 votes
Cape Town 12% - 2795 votes
Pretoria 11% - 2651 votes
Durban 10% - 2375 votes
Port Elizabeth 2% - 541 votes
Polokwane 2% - 473 votes

Which major province do you think has the worst taxi drivers?

Gauteng 67% - 19 120 votes
KwaZulu-Natal 13% - 3851 votes
Western Cape 12% - 3531 votes
Eastern Cape 5% - 1374 votes
Limpopo 3% - 758 votes

Have you experienced lawless taxi drivers in SA? Email us or get in touch via Facebook and Twitter.

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