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2018-04-03 12:23

Image: Ford

Colorado - State troopers in Glenwood Springs, Colorado were forced to give up chasing after a speeding Ford Mustang.

According to the Denver Post, state troopers  tracked a Mustang driver who rocketed past the officers on the Interstate 70 last Friday (March 30) at about 225km/h.

It's sounds exactly like a scene from The Fast and The Furious: Tokyo Drift; Han (Sung Kang) takes Lucas (Sean Boswell) for a joyride after wrecking his car, and they whizz past a traffic offers who measure their speed yet don't pursue the pair. Han explains to young Lucas that when speeding cars are faster than those used by officials, police don't bother to chase criminals. Read the original story here.

The Denver Post reported that the driver of the Mustang was going so fast that troopers could not even read the licence plate of the dark-coloured vehicle.

The driver was driving about 16km outside Glenwood Springs where speed limits drop to account for long, hazardous curves as the highway follows the contours of the Colorado River.

The Post reported that instead of slowing down the driver accelerated to 242km/h.

Colorado State Patrol spokesman Trooper Gary Cooper was quoted as saying: "They tried to catch up. They couldn’t get close enough."

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