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Numberplate laws in SA: More than 14 000 say 'It's a waste of money'

2017-08-10 09:33

Janine Van der Post

'NO WAYS!' Wheels24 readers are irate about the planned new numberplate laws set to hit SA. Image: iStock

Cape Town - The Department of Transport has announced new number plates laws will come into affect later in 2017.

Earlier in 2017, Wheels24 reported on these new number plate laws and how it will affect South African motorists.

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The new plates and associated laws are part of the Department of Transport’s strategy to standardise number plates in SA. It will form part of the National Road Traffic Act as well as the South African National Standard for number plates.

The Department of Transport said: "The security features of the number plates are part of the broad road safety strategy, which will ensure that we have the right vehicles on our roads, which to a larger extent contribute to the fatalities and carnage on our roads.”

Readers vote: 'It's a wast of money'

We asked Wheels24 readers what their thoughts were on the new number plate laws.

14 061 (71%) readers said - 'It's a waste of money'
4270 (22%) said - What's the point? Too many unroadworthy vehicles are on the roads.
829 (4%) said - Good idea, will reduce licence corruption
553 users (3%) said - 'I don't care, I'll just pay.'

Readers respond

Damien Michael Goodrum: Renewable every 5 years? Meaning a constant source of income .... waste of money, it all comes down to policing, I witness multiple taxis breaking multiple rules daily, yet I am yet to see a cop pulling them over.

David Lipman: What a load of hogwash!!! Rather a new law to check the roadworthy of vehicles and new drivers license that can't be bought from connections. Another money making scheme, great for the burgeoning scrap metal market.

Nicholas Duff-Riddell: Just another government scam to take our hard earned money. What happens to all the duplicated numberplates? Total bullshit is all I can say.

JJ Smith: Why must the flag be there? We know what country we are in and why should the province name be there? Isn't that what the C, MP, L, GP, FS, EC, N, NW and NC is there fore? Or is it so that a speed cop can get the province he is in spelled right? I have a vehicle at word (government) 1996 model bee standing outside ever day of its life and the number plate is still perfectly reflective and visible. Money making scheme and some one should go to jail for this.

Renier Smit: It's almost better to not own anything in this country anymore!

Sateesh Ramsunder: Being ripped off again. Wonder which Gupta scrooge has got the contract to supply number plates.

JD Koekemoer: Wish they would explain why the **** you have to get a new one every five years.

Mark Davy: I wonder WHO bought the number plate manufacturing business.....I smell a corrupt rat here!

Siyabonga Blessing Ntuli: If it's not gonna help with car theft it's just a waste of time.

Marietjie Kotze Miles: More wasted time in a queue every 5 years. Just to renew my drivers license about 4hours for a 15 minute process.

Nathi Nala: It's strictly made of aluminum, it will get stolen and sold to scrapyard.

Paul Chapman: Money making again I say the f&£#@ rs wanna milk us while our roads and other important issues get neglected as usual 

Carol Lange: I think it's a rubbish idea. They should rather make drivers roadworthy their cars when renewing the annual licence each year.

Jalal Ebrahim: A total waste of money to the end user.

Suzanne Crawfrod: Perfect!

Gideon Greyling: The new number plates can not be cloned.. its got a micro chip in it..

Pierre Verwey: Money making racket ??

Peter Rossouw: Gupta scheme?

John Whiting: And whose pockets will get this regular income??????

Franco Bosch: All about the money.

Quinton Nell: No way! This is just another money making scheme

Gideon Delport: They can go stuff themselves.

Dewal Van Der Heever: Fat middle finger to this money making scam.

Ahmed Asmal: All stand together and protest until gov scraps idea!

Annie du Toit: Waste of moneyyyy!!!

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