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MasterDrive, PinkDrive team up to raise awareness for women in Transport and breast cancer

2018-10-16 14:08
Pink ribbon

Image: Motorpress

In 2017 MasterDrive and PinkDrive hosted their inaugural event during October which is both transport month and breast cancer awareness month.

The event seeks to recognise both women in transport and bring awareness to breast cancer. After a resounding success last year, both MasterDrive and PinkDrive are looking forward to this years’ event, with the theme of Women in Transport, which promises to be even bigger and better.

The urban lady

A new feature to this years’ event will be a panel discussion featuring the leading voices from various industries that operate within the transport industry.

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The managing director of MasterDrive, Eugene Herbert, says the panel will be discussing what the urban lady needs to stay safe on the roads.

"Ladies from the insurance, car seat safety, vehicle finance, driver training, car tracking, alcohol and others will be joining us on stage to share their urban survival guide for the modern lady.

"We are looking forward to bringing all these different voices together to discuss a topic that is relevant and important to every lady that drives on the road.

Transport month provides an opportunity to give something back to the community in which we operate while allowing us to work with an organisation like PinkDrive. They create innumerable opportunities for early detection and prevention. We are proud to work with them," he adds.

Let’s not forget…

Other presenters on stage include Mark Grobbelaar from WomenInPowered. He is responsible for teaching our current Miss Universe, Demi-Leigh Nel-Peters, the throat punch that helped her escape her hijackers/attackers last year June.

He continues his work with Demi-Leigh and communities across South Africa and has just come back from the US where he has been teaching the skill too.

MasterDrive will be presenting their hijack risk management tips on stage. Along with their tried and tested tips, there will also be new tips to add each lady’s urban survival guide.

Pink ribbon

                                                                       Image: Motorpress

More than 16 000 cars were hijacked between 2017 and 2018. Doing what you can to try and avoid being hijacked and then knowing what to do in those instances where it is unavoidable, is essential knowledge.

Lastly, Modern Eyes will be there with their eye testing machine. It gives you a basic overview of your vision and indicates areas that may need further assessment. The owner of ModernEyes, Lauren Slade, will also be to share some information on the importance of UV protection while driving.

Herbert says the team is looking forward to the day: "We are grateful for the massively positive response to this initiative. October is an important month for both our organisations and we are glad so many people are joining us. Let us make a difference together."


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