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'Is there really no speed limit?' - the Autobahn explained

2016-04-11 10:47

THE AUTOBAHN EXPLAINED Here's all you need to know about Germany's high-speed Autobahn. Image: AFP


The guys from Auto Bild showed off the top speed of the much-anticipated BMW M2, albeit on Germany's autobahn, in this awesome clip. The M2 will arrive in South Africa in April.

Cape Town - Germany is famous for two things: amazing beer and the high-speed autobahn. Though these two things should never, under any circumstances, mix, it’s the latter that caught our attention.

How fast can you really travel? How safe is a road without 'speed limits'?, there are many misconceptions regarding the iconic autobahn. Fortunately, Insurance4carhire created an amazing infographic to help users understand Germany's famous road.

History of the autobahn

The first motorway was built in 1913 - it was 19km long and over the next couple of years, more roads were built. Political unrest during World War II halted progress and in 1952 construction resumed.

An important aspect of the autobahn is that it's not just about speed. Yes, allowing motorists to reach high speeds is what gives the autobahn its identity but safety is a primary concern for authorities. So much so, that for every billion kilometres travelled on the autobahn, there are only 2.7 fatalities.

Rules and regulations of the Autobahn

All users of the autobahn need to be in possession of a valid driver's licence, your vehicle needs to be registered with a valid insurance and proper identification. If any of these are not valid, autobahn-users can find themselves in serious trouble with authorities.

Below is the infographic:

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