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Internet reacts to Clarkson, Hammond, May's new show

2016-05-12 11:18

Sean Parker

READERS RESPOND: The Internet had a lot to say about the name of Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May's new show: The Grand Tour. Image; Supplied

Cape Town - On Wednesday (May 11), Wheels24 reported that former Top Gear host Jeremy Clarkson revealed the name of his new motoring show.

Clarkson will be joined by former duo Richard Hammond and James May.

The show, named The Grand Tour (GT) was announced on Twitter by Clarkson, will be housed in "a large tent" with different studio locations around the world.

Since the announcement, Wheels24 has received many responses from readers responding to the show's title. 

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SA viewers keen to see new show

Jonathan Arendse: "I think that's a good idea and it will definitely be a success!"

Derek Adams: "I would prefer the shows name being Gear Knobs. As we all know if those 3 are together they carry on like knobs. LOL but yeh (sic) waiting patiently for show to start on dstv. One day."

Alay Witbooi: "Yes i will definitely watch it. You guys always rocked and made people laugh but just stop insulting BMW. I'm a great fan. Love the GT name."

Mark Hall: "The name of the new Clarkson show is, in itself, not bad (I'd just call it the GT), however the implication that we might see endless silly shows of the trio goofing about on road trips with ludicrous and irrelevant antics more about themselves than about cars and not enough real informative car reviews, has me already disinterested in the show."

Pat Hipkiss: "I will definitely watch the three guys and their new show."

Tefo Sefudi: "Brilliant, and let me just say we waited long enough. Looking forward to this show and i can fill how big it will be.."

Philip de Waal: "The name fits in with the format for the show. Good luck guys can’t wait to see the show."

Ferdie Boshoff: "Brilliant. I can't wait."

Alui Tshigabe: "Can't wait. The three are intelligent. They are fantastically original. Very innovative. I enjoy watching them. Whatever they will bring. Will be something VERY special."

Jan Roets: "Amazing. Adds new spice to an already amazing TEAM. When in RSA let me know, would love to meet you all. My son is a car madman. Only 20 but has own car. Second one. I never bought it. He does his own deals etc. And then turns cheapie into something special."

Gerrie Heyneke: "BBC Top Gear will have to do work a great deal harder than trying to get back on top. The wanna-be's endeavour to follow in Clarkson's team's fast track will be a tough act to follow. BBC Bad News."

Christopher Allnutt: "From a die-hard simple and poor fan. I simply love the fact that the boys are back in action.  The new name says it all.  Everything about them represents the true meaning of being grand and taking a journey that is meant to be celebrated in a grand way.

"I can only think of 3 people up for this grand tour that all of us in some way yearn to take.  No need for introduction.  Jezza and the boys are here to stay.  

"I wish the show all the best and I can't wait to somehow watch the boys on Amazon."

Carmen: "Hi GT Guys, welcome back, I have missed you. I think this is an amazing new concept :) I will be glued to every show, and will be delighted to be part of the audiences some day. Congrats on your new adventure and the best of luck. Looking SO forward to GT."

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