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ICYMI: Shelby SA's glittering Mustang launch in Cape Town

2016-07-08 09:34

PONY CAR: Shelby South Africa unveiled the first three customer cars at the tuner's headquarters at Crossley and Webb in Cape Town. Image: Wheels24 / Sean Parker

Cape Town - Shelby South Africa unveiled the first of three customer cars to gleeful owners at the official launch of the iconic tuner at Crossley and Webb in Cape Town. 

Wheels24 broke the news earlier in July 2016 that Peter Lindenberg and his family would introduce the Shelby brand to a right-hand drive market. 

Crossley and Webb will serve as the official headquarters of Shelby SA. 

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What does the Shelby SA conversion entail?

Improved power, design tweaks, suspension modifications... Shelby has applied its tuning prowess to Mustangs for decades and now local owners can order one of these bespoke conversions.

Around 80 Ford Mustangs are imported by Ford South Africa and Shelby SA knows that their potential customers are a very small percentage of these owners.

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Not everyone will opt to convert their Mustangs but those that do will become part of the Shelby family, a lineage that stretches back decades.

Watch the unveiling of the first Shelby Mustangs in South Africa here: 

A photo posted by Wheels24 (@wheels24_sa) on

A photo posted by Wheels24 (@wheels24_sa) on


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