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Get cash back for driving safely

2017-08-27 00:00

Rhodé Marshall

Mo Flava is putting the app to the test. Picture: Supplied

If anyone is going to take up the challenge to test an app that monitors their driving behaviour there’s no better person than Metro FM’s Afternoon Drive host Mo Flava. “You know my bad driving is well documented right? Just google it,” he laughs before confessing that insurance company Dialdirect’s innovative driving app, which aims to revolutionise the way South Africans drive on the roads, is just the challenge he needed.

“I’ve never had an app that tracks driving behaviour and pits you against other drivers – personally it has introduced me to a new way of driving.”

Remember back in 2011 when Mo Flava was nabbed and charged with reckless and negligent driving after being caught driving his (then) Golf 6 at 191km/h in a 120km/h zone?

South African roads, as we all know, are often scenes of accident-induced carnage. Last year 14 071 people lost their lives on our roads, mainly because of careless and negligent driving. Gauteng’s roads and transport departments recently estimated that so far in 2017, 77.5% of fatal crashes and 89.1% of major road accidents were as a result of human error.

According to Dialdirect, accidents are most likely to occur on Fridays, between 3pm and 6pm. The insurance company says it plans to use insights such as these, and more, to inspire and urge South Africans to be good drivers.

The app uses the latest in international telematics technology to monitor driving behaviour. And if you drive well and your car is insured by Dialdirect, you can get up to 75% cash back, every month.

Mo Flava says his driving habits are always led by how fast he can get from one point to another without causing an accident. “Before and after a trip I go on to check how I did and the truth is often revealing.”

We check the app to see how Mo Flava is doing compared with other drivers. His score is a tad low – just one star.

“The recipe for disaster I have every day is getting to places quickly, always rushing, and with that comes harsh braking. This is something the app points out to me. If that changed I’m sure I’d score better.”

According to Warwick Scott-Rodger, executive head of Dialdirect: “It’s no secret that insurance is seen as a grudge purchase. With our app, we are turning this general consensus, as well as the traditional insurance model, on its head. Now consumers have the opportunity to participate in their risk management and tangibly determine what they pay for insurance. In other words, do your thing, get back ching.”

The app’s payback functionality may only be available to Dialdirect customers, but anyone can benefit from a number of features on it, including monitoring their driving, participating in driver challenges and winning vouchers.

  • The app is available for free at the iStore and Google Play Store
  • This article was sponsored by Dialdirect Insurance

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