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F1 grid-reversal: Annoyed users respond

2016-02-24 10:18

WHAT'S BERNIE THINKING? F1 chief Bernie Ecclestone has proposed a new grid reversal for the 2016 season. Image: AP/ Felipe Dana

Formula 1 could force its fastest cars to start from the middle of the grid to improve racing, Wheels24 reported earlier this week in February.

The reverse-grid proposal is expected to be made by F1 boss Bernie Ecclestone in a meeting between series stakeholders in Geneva on Tuesday, Red Bull team principal Christian Horner said on Monday (Feb 23).

The top qualifiers would be dropped on the grid to keep them from pulling away early, in a bid to try to make F1 more attractive to fans and television audiences. The changes could be in effect as early as 2017 if an agreement is reached.

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Graham Wright: With regards to reversing the grid, all that will happen is a procession until the first round of pitstops where the top contenders will probably come out on to and the procession to the end will ensue.

What do I think could improve F1:  
1 Reduce costs.
2 Eliminate the fancy hybrid systems.
3 Give the cars more power.
4 Do away with brakes that catch fire when the cars are stationary.
5 Increase breaking distances
6 Revise the aerodynamics to reduce down force 
7 Produce tyres that do not leave marbles on the track.  

Week after week we here the commentators telling us that over taking is difficult because when following closely the aerodynamics are upset. The marbles on the track reduce traction leaving a narrow strip for the cars to run in procession. 

I have been a motorsport enthusiast since the early 60s attended the SA Grand Prix in East London in  1964. I have also been to Kyalami to a couple of Grands Prix in the 70s

I used to watch all the races on TV but of late have taken to watching the last segment of qualifying, the start of the race and the last few laps. For me the rest is generally boring.

Roll on Historic Racing where real racing takes place.

Do you think reversing the grid will improve races? What do you think should be done to improve F1? Email us

John Fielding: Although this method is sometimes used in the lower formula races I think that it would be a disaster for F1.

I would expect to see many more early lap "coming togethers" as the faster cars try to pass the front runners. Although this makes it exciting for the spectators the possibility of wiping out the top cars in silly incidents would cause many spectators to vote with their feet and simply not bother to attend.
Taking Bernie Ecclestone's thinking further. How about banning the 'Blue Flag' for this format, that means a slower car in front doesn't have to let a faster car free passage!
I think one of the readers comments was the best "Get rid of Mr Ecclestone!"

Fred Murgatroyd: I don’t think I have EVER heard such a stupid suggestion in my life as the grid reversal.

Roderick Bond: F1 reverse grid is the stupidest idea that I have ever heard of, as teams can purposely not qualify at their fastest on purpose. Too much room for corruption. Tyres that will last the race at top speed, refilling will make for a faster more exciting race.

Rob Marsh: Get rid of (Bernie) Ecclestone ASAP.

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