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Marko: Fans' booing 'explainable'

2013-09-24 16:46

HELL'S YELLS OR COURTEOUS CHEERS? Whatever, the crowd that swelled under the podium after the 2013 Singapore F1 GP was enormous. Image: AFP

Red Bull boss Helmut Marko reckons the fans were not only booing Mark Webber in Singapore but also Sebastian Vettel - 'but it's explainable'. No it's not, it's just rude and ignorant.

SINGAPORE, Malaysia - Red Bull's Helmut Marko thinks Mark Webber's fans were also booing Sebastian Vettel on the podium after the 2013 Singapore Pformula 1 GP.

As the reigning triple champion's dominance continues, so has the apparent disapproval of F1 fans. It has raised interesting questions but  Vettel thinks the ardent Ferrari fans are simply "emotional" that Fernando Alonso is being beaten.

Others think not only the German's dominance but also his personality are starting to bite hard.


"The booing is increasingly annoying," Marko told the German newspaper Bild, "but explainable. In Singapore Alonso and Webber have many fans who do not like Seb."

Webber's fans feel betrayed by Vettel's actions in Malaysia, which became known as the 'multi 21' affair. "Forget the track stuff," Mark Webber told The Guardian newspaper this week. "We've had some private discussions and we weren't super-happy with how they went and how we felt about each other.  It's tested the relationship to the maximum."

However, according to some sources, the aversion to Vettel's personality is not limited to Australians and Ferrari's 'tifosi'. Indeed, Marko was asked about Vettel's controversial statement after the Singapore race while considering his and Red Bull's domination of F1.


"While there's a lot of people hanging their balls in the pool very early on Fridays, we're still here working very hard and pushing very hard," Vettel had said. But Marko insisted: "I find what he said great and pithy and, anyway, it's true. Seb wants to keep the workl oad just as high in the team as it has been.

"That's why we are bringing in Daniel Ricciardo, a young, hungry driver who will continue to push. Not Kimi Raikkonen."

Marko has yet another theory. "Sebastian is not as transparent as a Fernando Alonso or Lewis Hamilton," he said, "who tweet their thoughts all around the world. Sebastian sacredly protects his private life wherever possible.".

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