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Don't let go! Reckless driver carries policeman on bonnet for 2km!

2016-10-14 08:49

HOLD ON TIGHT! This Chinese officer served as a 'hood ornament' as he was filmed clinging to the bonnet of a fleeing driver's car for 2km. Image: YouTube

China - If you're planning to outrun the police, it's best not to take an officer along for the ride as a bizarre clip in China shows. 

A video shows the moment a driver decided to avoid a roadblock by fleeing the scene. Unfortunately, a dedicated officer blocks his path and ultimately ends up clinging to the bonnet of the fleeing driver's car. 

One of two choices

The video shows a vehicle approaching a pedestrian crossing and being told to stop by law enforce. Instead of complying, this driver floors the accelerator pedal and attempts to escape.

The Drive reports that the officer really only had two choices; either leap on top of the moving vehicle or dive to safety. 

The officer opted to leap onto the hood of the vehicle. Unperturbed by the officer holding on for dear life, the driver continues to drive off with his new police-themed hood ornament.

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Hitting speeds of up to 97km/h, the officer continues to hold on as the driver weaved his way through streets for nearly 2km.

Fortunately for the officer, the vehicle eventually comes to a stop.

Watch the video below:

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