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David Beckham banned from driving for six months

2019-05-10 11:03
david beckham_afp_ daniel leal olivas

Former England international footballer David Beckham arrives at Bromley Magistrates Court in Bromley, south-east of London on May 9, 2019, where his case of driving whilst using a mobile phone is being held. Image: Daniel Leal-Olivas / AFP

Just because you might be one of the most famous people in the world, does not mean you're exempted from the law. Former football star David Beckham found that out the hard way recently.

Driving while speaking on your mobile phone is not just a huge problem here in South Africa, and while you might only be fined for doing so here, things are a bit more serious in the rest of the world.

Perhaps local authorities should implement that action and arrest motorists for breaking that law.

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However, Beckham was caught out thanks to a tattle-tale motorists who had photographed him earlier on November 21 in West End, London. The ex-footballer was outed by the member of the public while driving in his Bentley.

The UK also uses a points demerit system, much like the one looming for implementation in SA. 

According to Sky News, Beckham already had six points for previous speeding offences, and with the new six points for driving with a mobile phone, his tally was taken to 12 points, hence the six month driving ban.

The British news agency reported that he was also fined £750 and ordered to pay £100 costs and a £75 surcharge fee.

Sky News reported that Gerrard Tyrell who was mitigating for the star said Beckham has "no recollection of the day in question or this particular incident".

He said: "There is no excuse for what took place but his view is as he cannot remember... he's going to plead guilty and that's what he's done."

Beckham used celebrity lawyer Nick Freeman, who is also known as "Mr Loophole".

In 1999, Beckham dodged another eight-month driving ban, thanks to Freeman.


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