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Cape Town sinkhole, R18 000 speed fine... 6 crazy stories this week

2016-08-23 13:45

LET ME GO! Fighting and kicking to free himself from the back of a cop car, this guy did not expect his 'escape' to come through the back window... Image: YouTube


You should never throw a bottle at someone's car. Why not? Well the driver might flip out and knock you off your feet as seen in this road-rage video.

Cape Town - From prisoners flying out the back window of a cop car to a Capetonian slapping the living daylights out of a hijacker... the penultimate of August 2016 has already generated some crazy, bizarre motoring stories in South Africa.

Internationally, we've reported on a vehicle heist; a group of thieves stole seven vehicle from a Ford dealership in Australia.

Check out our crazy compilation.

1 Cape Town man gives confused hijacker a backhand

When 52-year-old JB Meyer left work on Friday (August 20), being hijacked was the last thing on his mind as he drove home through Uitsig - one of Cape Town’s most gang-ridden areas. With his window down and sipping his ice tea, Meyer was struck by a closed fist that left him with a damaged tooth and a cut on his upper lip.

One of the attackers shouted: 'Vandag vat ek jou alles [Today I am taking everything you have]'.  Fortunately, instead of becoming yet another hijack statistics, Meyer fought back.

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Image: News24 / Marnette Meyer

2 PICS! Huge sinkhole swallows car in Cape Town

Ah, Cape Town. One of the most beautiful cities in South Africa renowned for its blue beaches, Table Mountain and now giant sinkholes.

A huge sinkhole appeared in one of the city’s suburbs, swallowing a Kia Picanto and attracting a small crowd (read: residents). Click here to read the full story.

Image: Supplied

3 KZN speedster slapped with a R18 000 fine

A speeding driver was caught travelling at 220km/h in a 120km/h zone. Ivan Botha, probably thought "pushing" his Golf 6 GTI would give him a lekker rush but instead he was arrested and served a staggering fine - R18 000. KZN Transport MEC, Mxolisi Kaunda said: “Speedsters are like murderers”.

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Image: News24 / Duncan Alfreds


4 Thieves perform epic heist, crash Mustang into cop car!

Seven vehicles, including a red Mustang, were stolen from a Ford dealership in Australia. Sadly, the car thieves did not plan their ‘getaway’ as well as the heist as one criminal crashed the stolen Mustang in his attempts to escape. Three of the vehicles were retrieved at the time of reporting. Click here for the full story.

Image: Facebook

5 Road rage: Guy throws bottle at car, gets instant Karma knock-out

Life lesson: Never throw a water bottle at a BMW, especially if there's an angry, violent owner behind the wheel. A video shows a fellow road user on the receiving end of a knock-out punch. Click here to read the full story.

Image: YouTube

6 Prisoner's unlucky escape - launched out the window of a cop car!

Bashing a window, attempting to remove his handcuffs... this prisoner does all he can to escape while travelling in the rear of cop car. His bid to escape came true in the worst way possible. All we can say is, click here to WATCH the insane video.

Image: YouTube

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