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Crime in SA: This clip shows why you shouldn't leave your car unlocked

2016-05-18 09:36

HIJACKED IN THE DRIVEWAY: An old lady left her car door open, which left the door open for hijackers - no pun intended. Fortunately, the woman was left unharmed, but in a state of shock and disbelief. Image: YouTube

Cape Town - Have you left your car unlocked in your driveway? Perhaps you've left your vehicle idling and unattended?

An all too familiar scene in South Africa is highlighted in a video - a car left unlocked and unattended (with the driver's door open) stolen by opportunistic criminals.

A video published on YouTube demonstrates that criminals are prolific, even in neighbourhoods in SA that are perceived as "safe".

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Victim of crime

A video shows two men walking towards a car parked in a driveway. You can spot the vehicle's driver-side door open as the men approach the car. The video skips ahead and shows the men entering the car. A woman attempts to prevent the thieves from stealing the vehicle.

They manage to push her aside and drive away with the vehicle. Arrive Alive and the National Hijack Prevention Academy share their views below the video.

How often do you leave your car unlocked and unattended in your driveway? Have you witnessed a vehicle being stolen while parked in a  driveway or been the victim of car theft? Email us and use our homepage voting booth.

Arrive Alive  editor, Johan Jonck, said: "Crime is having a devastating effect on all road users and we need to remain alert at all times. It is sad that we have to be so suspicious of everyone around us - but this video is evidence of how easy it has become for criminals to take the possessions away from especially our most vulnerable motorists.

"Leaving a car door open and standing next to such a vehicle away from others who might assist in offering protection is an open invitation for criminals and is not vigilant enough! Always keep in mind that no possession is worth risking a life to protect."

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