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Crashes, fails and road-karma: Top 5 videos of 2015

2015-12-29 10:35

HOW NOT TO HANDLE A TRAFFIC ROW: A Chinese driver paid a huge price for lane-cutting. Image: YouTube

Cape Town - Earlier in December, Wheels24 published the top stories of 2015 , including the infamous Clive Naidoo altercation with a metro cop, however road-rage incidents, vehicle checklists and South African police dash-cam clips proved popular among our users.

But what about awesome videos?

We've complied a list of the top five videos of 2015 featured on Wheels24.

Top 5 clips

The list, based on views by users, includes some of our favourites, one of them shows a montage of ten times reckless road uses felt the wrath of Karma, as well as crazy US woman who proceeded to perform 'donuts' at busy intersections in Gastonia, Carolina.

Our list also features two fantastic local clips; a driver taking action against a law-breaking taxi driver in Durban and a hilarious video showing 24.com staff testing "drunk googles".

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Here are the most viewed videos on Wheels24 for 2015:

1 10 awesome times karma hit back

There are many reckless road-users around the world who manage to escape justice but sometimes Karma strikes back! Watch this hilarious clip. 

2 Crazy road-rage driver ramps on to Audi

If a fellow road-user cuts in front of you, under no circumstances should you slam the accelerator and ramp your car on top of the offending drivers' bonnet. Watch as a crazy Nissan driver takes his frustration out on an Audi!

3 Driver does 'donuts in traffic...crashes   

A video shows a female driver in Gastonia, Carolina, acting irresponsibly by "performing donuts" at busy intersections. The clip ends with the car landing on its roof in a grassy embankment.

4 Driver gives law-breaking taxi a reality-check in SA

A Durban driver takes a stand against a law-breaking taxi, and wins. A video shows a taxi driver swerving his vehicle into oncoming traffic to overtake gridlocked cars.

The taxi driver most likely assumed the oncoming driver would move out of his way. Instead, the driver forces the taxi to reverse all the way back down the road.

5 WATCH: 'Drunk goggles' - a sobering experience

Many people, especially those who have sat behind the wheel of a car intoxicated, are fully aware of the dangers of doing so. What if you could simulate drunk driving? MasterDrive brand manager, Penny Wagner, brought along "impairment goggles" to the News24 offices in October 2015 to show us what it's like to drive while drunk but without actually consuming alcohol.


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