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Banned Audi R8 ad: 'Whomever complained should get a life'

2016-08-16 08:42

READERS RESPOND: Wheels24 readers respond to the European ASA's decision to pull Audi's latest R8 ad. Image: YouTube

Cape Town - Earlier in August, Wheels24 reported on an  Audi R8 ad that was banned in Europe.

The clip, first aired in April 2016, shows a driver’s eyeball dilating as an R8 accelerates. Harmless right? Well not according to the European Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) regulations.

The ad was banned as it showed an "irresponsible depiction of speed," reports the ASA.

It took just one...

One viewer saw the ad and filed a complaint with the ASA. The organisation issued a full report stating: "The complainant, who believed the ad linked speed with excitement, challenged whether the ad was irresponsible.

"The ad shows an irresponsible depiction of speed - connecting it with excitement, and is therefore unacceptable."

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Wheels24 asked readers whether they believed the should've been banned.

Here's what readers had to say:

Diane Thurgood: Whomever complained should 'get a life'! I am blind in one eye and found the ad mesmerising with regard to focus and the change in pupil dilation was directly linked to the change in braking and accelerating.

Fascinating and to the point and the car is an absolute beauty! Good wishes Audi.

Gregg P Cornell: This now means that no motor manufacturer can show off a cars power acceleration or handling characteristics unless there is NO suggestion of power!

So we must ban Top Gear and all motoring programs too unless the driver is yawning and looking very bored driving a multi-million rand Supercar? 

What has happened to this world? I guess one can no longer smile when accelerating away from standstill or you will be pulled over and ticketed for showing signs of excitement while driving which is clearly, according to the ASA, unsafe. Like texting while driving. I'm disgusted.

GHP8207: Whoever complained about the ad probably drives a hybrid. I appreciate what the company did with this advert. It wakes your senses; all Audi adverts do. It motivates one.

Note: This is not the original video but one very close to it

Watch the video below:

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