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And on that bombshell! Grand Tour most pirated show in history

2016-12-12 11:22

PIRATE MARKET: Not a good record to have: The Grand Tour is reportedly the most downloaded show in history. Image: Facebook


The Grand Tour's second episode will be streamed on November 25 and it looks to be action-packed, features explosions, escaping a gunfight and spinning in Johannesburg.

Cape Town - Jeremy Clarkson's new motoring show, The Grand Tour, is officially the most illegally downloaded show in history.

That's according to the The Mail on Sunday, who were provided with statistics by MUSO, a data analyst company who focus on the piracy market. 

The Grand Tour features the three former hosts of the BBC's Top Gear, Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May. The trio signed a three-year deal with Amazon. 

The data, captured by MUSO, shows that the first episode was downloaded illegally 7.9-million times, the second 6.4-million times and the third 4.6-million times, according to the Guardian

First launched on November 18, the show was exclusively available via streaming on Amazon Prime, but since then the pirate market has cost the company over £3-million in revenue from just one episode, according to the Independent

Amazon's attempt to sign up subscribers to its streaming service might have backfired somewhat, as the company looks to take on heavyweights like Netflix. 


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