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'World's fastest' EV in China

2013-04-22 13:53

RECHARGE YOUR HOUSE? With its innovative recharging system, it's possible to use the SP:01’s battery to charge your house.


Detroit Electric, a start-up electric-car maker reviving a brand that dates back more than a century, has unveiled its first model - a R1.2-million battery-powered sports car.

SHANGHAI, China - Detroit Electric’s high-performance electric sports car, the SP:01, has made its global debut at the 2013 Shanghai auto show.

Since April 2013, 35 models have been ordered. The SP:01 is capable of 250km/h and 0-100km/h in 3.7sec and has already been tipped for "the world’s fastest pure-electric production car title".

The rear-wheel drive model has a mid-mounted engine which produces 150kW/225Nm and drives through a seven-speed auto.


Recharge time is rated at 4.3 hours (10.7 using a domestic plug). Total weight is 1070kg. 

Battery storage capacity is 37kWh and the car claims a range of 300km between recharges, as tested to the New European Driving Cycle (NEDC) standard. 

Detroit Electric’s chairman and group CEO Albert Lam said: “The SP:01 will be exclusive, luxurious and technologically advanced. It’s a milestone in the history of the Detroit Electric brand and a significant development for the international EV sector. The car will allow us to demonstrate to the world our ability to build an exciting and innovative product, one that displays outstanding performance with strong green credentials and an exhilarating driving experience.”


The SP:01 uses smartphone applications to manage the in-car infotainment system - SAMI (Smartphone Application Managed Infotainment) which can  also be a remote control to locate the vehicle, turn on the aircon and check the charge status.

Lam said: “Our research engineers at Detroit Electric have taken steps to break the mould. SP:01 is more than just a sports car, it is a mobile energy unit, allowing the owner to use its stored battery energy to power not just the car but even an entire home.

"It has bi-directional charge and discharge capability, allowing it to release its stored electrical energy to power a home.”

The SP:01’s bi-directional charge and discharge feature is made possible through the patented Detroit Electric home charging and power back-up unit called the 360 Powerback which allows the car's battery pack to be charged at eight kWh (240V at 32A). The unit can also detect any power failure of the grid and provide the option to the user, via SAMI, to instruct the vehicle to restore power to the home using its stored energy.

It's the first production vehicle to be sold under the Detroit Electric brand since 1939. The SP:01 will be joined by two other high-performance models in 2014. Price: the equivalent of R1.2-million.

Each SP:01 will come with a three-year or 48 000km warranty with an optional extension for the battery to five years or 80 000km. It will be assembled at the new Detroit Electric production site in Wayne County, Michigan.
The original electric car innovators, Detroit Electric began life in 1906 and established itself as the market leader and most prolific manufacturer of battery cars., going on to make 13 000 vehicles by 1939 and holds the electric vehicle production world record for the 20th Century.

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