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Wide-eyed! Fords can see around corners

2015-06-24 07:49

CARS THAT CAN SEE AROUND CORNERS: Ford's new tech could reduce crashes by warning drivers of approaching cars at blind junctions or when visibility is obstructed. Image: Quickpic

COLOGNE, Germany - Ford has joined other automakers in taking the danger out of blind junctions with cameras that can see what's coming.

A front split-view camera in the grille - an option in the all-new Ford S-Max and Galaxy in the UK - feeds a 180-degree image to a 20cm touchscreen on the car's facia.

Ronny Hause, engineer in assistance systems for Ford Europe, had a team that worked closely on the project with its US counterparts. He explained: "We've all been there. It's not just blind junctions that can be stressful - overhanging trees or bushes can be the problem.


"For some simply driving out of their home driveway can be a challenge. Much like rear-view cameras, Front Split View Camera (as Ford calls the tech) is a something which will make buyers wonder how they used to manage."

VIDEO:Cars that can see around corners

The camera is kept clear by a retractable jet-washer that operates with the windscreen wipers.

Data recorded by the European Road Safety Observatory SafetyNet project indicated that nearly 20% of drivers involved in a crash did so at a blind junction.

Ford already has rear-view cameras.


SAFER JUNCTIONS: Ford is aiming to make junctions safer with cameras that can warn of approaching cars. Image: Quickpic

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