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Why Google's not talking about crashes

2015-06-04 18:30

AUTONOMOUS CARS: Google will initially build and test 25 of its autonomous cars (pictured here), mostly in neighbourhoods near its Mountain View headquarters in California. Image: AP / Tony Avelar


Google is ready for the next step in its autonomous vehicle project - later in 2015 its self-driving car will leave the company's test track and travel public roads in California.

MOUNTAIN VIEW, California - Google co-founder Sergey Brin says the Internet company isn't releasing the crash reports involving its self-driving cars. Why? To protect the privacy of road users.

Brin's explanation came in response to a question posed on Wednesday (June 3) by a company critic during Google's annual shareholders' meeting.

Even if names were censored from the records, Brin said, the documents filed with California regulators wouldn't reveal anything different to what Google disclosed about self-driving cars' collisions in a summary posted online in May 2015.


Brin says the total number of crashes climbed to 12 in May 2015 when a self-driving car was rear-ended.

VIDEO: Google's self-driving concept

Google says its 'autonomous' cars have never been at fault, though in one crash a company employee who took over control of the vehicle hit another vehicle.

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