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What's the point of a zero-alcohol rule?

2015-03-19 09:27


ZERO LIMIT THE ANSWER? Do you think a zero blood-alcohol limit will reduce road deaths? Email us and we'll publish your thoughts. Image: Shutterstock

In February 2015, Wheels24 reported on a proposed zero blood-alcohol limit by the department of transport as well as other changes to the National Road Traffic act.

As a number of correspondents have correctly pointed out, the proposed changes will do nothing to reduce the appalling death toll on our roads.

Wheels24 reader NEIL KEARTLAND shared his views.


I have two questions regarding the zero blood-alcohol limit:

1 Is there any evidence that a driver with 0.02g/100ml alcohol in the blood is more dangerous on the road than a driver with zero alcohol in the blood?

2 Why may a driver with alcohol from medication be considered to be safe, while a driver with the same amount of alcohol, perhaps from a beer-shandy, is a danger on the road?

VIDEO: Dr Gavin Kirk speaks on proposed zero blood-alcohol limit
VIDEO: Dr Gavin Kirk shed's light on 'lost test' results

This idea strikes me as the old "best way to reduce crashes is to reduce the speed limit" rhetoric, without making any attempt to establish the speed of the drivers who actually caused crashes. Anybody who uses the Swartkoppies or Klipriversberg dual-carraigeways south of Johannesburg will know what I mean.

I guess the proposal simply means more transgressions and more money in the coffers.

Until traffic police come out from behind bushes and are perceived to be making our roads safer, rather than just collecting money, I don’t believe road safety will improve!

Experts share their views on Wheels24:

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Ex-DPP says 0% booze limit 'pointless'

Do you think a zero blood-alcohol limit will reduce road deaths? Email us and we'll publish your thoughts.

Naomi Seima says: My answer is no. 90% of road accidents are caused by the condition of the roads. If the government wants to reduce accidents it should make sure that roads are maintained - and build more.

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