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We expose the next VW Golf!

2006-06-14 07:39

Daring design for next VW Golf - Copyright: Wheels24/Wayne Batty

Thanks to some insider information and vital research, our artist impression of the new Volkswagen Golf shows what the newcomer probably will look like.

Recently we reported that VW is to bring the launch of the Golf VI forward in order to reduce spiralling costs of the current model.

VW bosses have told the engineers to simplify the construction of the new model to reduce costs.

But VW is also concerned that the current model's design is a bit bland, and that the Golf needs a sportier look.

Therefore the next Golf will definitely get a daring look with a more "in your face" front end where it will get a single frame grille with chrome trim.

This will give the car a more aggressive presence and in general the styling will be more emotional.

The Golf VI will feature better build quality too, as well as an improved interior.

Naturally VW is mum about its future Golf plans but the new Golf could make its appearance at next year's Frankfurt Motor Show.


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