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Watch as this Audi predicts traffic lights!

2014-04-14 14:43
Earlier in 2014 we reported that Audi had developed a system that predicted when traffic lights would change colour, relaying the information through the car's information display.

Now you can watch the video and see they technology in action.


Imagine you're on your way to the next set of traffic lights and your car "told you" what speed you need to travel in order to make the light or how long until the lights change to green?

This technology might become a reality courtesy of Audi's Traffic Light Online Info Service (ATLOIS). It's the perfect technology for those who hate waiting at traffic lights.

VIDEO: Audi's tech predicts traffic lights

The technology links the driver information system to the traffic lights control in a given city.

This allows the vehicle to access the city's traffic-light system and turn it into predictive information for the driver.

The system will inform the driver what speed to maintain in order to hit the next set of green lights and a countdown to when the lights will switch from red to green.

The system is said to be able to reduce carbon emissions by 15% and can be fitted to any of Audi's current models.  
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