WC calls victory on road deaths

2012-08-16 12:57

There's been a steady decline in road deaths over the past four years in the Western Cape, the provincial transport department has claimed.

Provincial transport MEC Robin Carlisle said 707 people died on Western Cape roads to the end of July 2012, the lowest figure in four years.


Carlisle said his department stated in 2009 it aimed to halve road deaths (1567 in that year) by 2014.

"The monthly figures continue to show that we are headed in the right direction in terms of our commitment," Carlisle said.

A total of 1739 people were killed on the province's roads in 2008. This declined to 1567 in 2009, 1476 in 2010 and 1321 in 2011.

"Notwithstanding wetter and more dangerous conditions on our roads in July, for the month 96 deaths were recorded," Carlisle said. "This is the lowest July figure since 2008, when 160 lives were lost."

Carlisle said drivers were becoming more vigilant on the roads.