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Video: Seat plays 2-minute noodles

2013-12-04 13:33

END OF THE LINE: Two minutes after the floor pan is laid down the finished Leon ST reaches dispatch. Watch the video. Image: SEAT


The development of the Leon Cup Racer was focused entirely on the pursuit of quick lap times and track performance. Watch the making of the new model!

MADRID, Spain - Seat has released a video showing that condenses the entire build time of its new Leon ST into just two minutes.

Filmed using GoPro cameras placed at the heart of the automaker’s Martorell factory, the video gives a  unique perspective into the manufacturing process of a Leon ST.

Video: Seat Leon ST built in two mins

The Martorell facility, which celebrated its 20th anniversary in 2013, produces 10 Seat models on four platforms and with the aid of 10 000 employees and more than 2800 robots, rolls out 2000 vehicles a day.

A Leon ST comprises 5900 parts and 1.58km of electric cabling and in real life takes 19 hours to assemble.

So, in about the time it took you to read the text above, watch through a GoPro lens the creation of a Seat Leon ST.


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